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Seattle, WA

Adventure seekers from Washington and California who are inspired by mother nature's playground. Our goal is get out from behind the desk and experience as much of it as possible. Camp, van, bike, board, dirt, snow, coast, - life. WAE is curated collection of our travels, ideas and experiences. 


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Tiny Cameras

Michael Dorian Bach

I'm a huge fan of tiny cameras. I'm not sure I even remember the last time I shot with a DSLR actually. The saying goes - the best camera is the camera you have on you. There is some truth to that for sure. But what I really enjoy about tiny cameras are how playful they are. You can really get creative with placement. There's also a sense of randomness that comes with the photos. It looks less mechanical and precise. 

These are some experimentation photos we did at Whistler, BC with a GoPro Hero3 HD. Chest mounted and shooting in Time-lapse mode at 7mp every 0.5 seconds. Edited on an iPhone with VSCO. More to come! 

Photo Jul 11, 4 49 37 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 11, 5 00 05 PM.jpg