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Seattle, WA

Adventure seekers from Washington and California who are inspired by mother nature's playground. Our goal is get out from behind the desk and experience as much of it as possible. Camp, van, bike, board, dirt, snow, coast, - life. WAE is curated collection of our travels, ideas and experiences. 


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Small world after all

Michael Dorian Bach

All you need is the right mix of people, pressure and friendly competition

What was suppose to be an impromptu Whistler trip between Dave and I became a trip for the books when we met a group of riders that really proved that the world is small.

Dave and I were on our fifth lap of the day when Dave noticed a familiar face. “I totally know that guy. He looks just like the guy I met last year on a kayaking trip. We totally clicked and I remember he told me he rides downhill and lives in Seattle. No way, that can’t be him.” And that was that.

We were in the back of the line on the lift and he was just about to get on with a couple of riders. Dave and I decided to drop into Dirt Merchant. Of all the trails in the park to ride, that very moment we decide on that trail. Dave was following me. Half way down we noticed a guy stopped on the side of the trail watching his buddies hit the big step-up. Dave catches on and slams on his brakes and gets off the trail. They exchange some words. “Remember me”? “Oh **** hey!” “Small world!” “It’s Vern!” and the rest is history. We met Vern, Joshua, Jake and Chris.

And with that, the course of our trip totally changed. In the short 3 days, we made a new group of friends that pushed our riding forward – further than we thought possible. Sometimes all you need is the right mix of people, pressure and friendly competition. “You got this. It’s at your level” and “Just follow me, keep the same speed and you’ll be fine” became common phrases. We were reminded of why we all love this so called sport – the people and the passion, and we learned that age aint’ nothing but a number. Things don’t have to go downhill except your bike. It was a trip for the books and we can’t wait to write some more with our new friends.

And guys, you’re welcome for introducing you to “The Furniture Warehouse” – The best 5 dollar meal you’ll ever have.

Dave and Jake showing us how it’s done on the big double at the end of Dirt Merchant. Make no mistake, this thing is huge.

The famous A-Line rock drop



Jake is my (Michael) new jumping coach. Sending it on the “little” bike.

Fade to Black. Conquered.

“Dwayne Johnson – The Rock”. It’s hard to capture this drop with photos. The size and scope. It’s a fully pinned, hands off the brake type of drop. Jake again showing us how it’s done with 160mm