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Seattle, WA

Adventure seekers from Washington and California who are inspired by mother nature's playground. Our goal is get out from behind the desk and experience as much of it as possible. Camp, van, bike, board, dirt, snow, coast, - life. WAE is curated collection of our travels, ideas and experiences. 


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Michael Dorian Bach

In December, I traveled south to meet up with Justin and Derek with the goal of escaping the Pacific Northwest winter and riding some old but good ones. Quickly, I realized no amount of pain killers would be enough to let my shoulder do it’s thing. So what do you do? You walk your bike up of course and bring along some camera gear. This is a place we call “Chutes”. It’s no Whistler, but it’s the place that started it all for us. Our local spot. I think this photo does a good job of capturing the place and shows we have some good ones down here too. Nothing like a ride right at sunset against the golden light. – Michael