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Seattle, WA

Adventure seekers from Washington and California who are inspired by mother nature's playground. Our goal is get out from behind the desk and experience as much of it as possible. Camp, van, bike, board, dirt, snow, coast, - life. WAE is curated collection of our travels, ideas and experiences. 


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South for the winter

Michael Dorian Bach

The Pacific Northwest with all it’s beauty is pretty miserable in December. It’s cold, dark and rainy - not the ideal bicycling weather. So with the extra holidays this month,  I head south in search of old friends and fresh dirt. Southern California is absolutely amazing during the winter. It’s 65-70 degrees all the time. Winter brings rain and with rain brings brown pow. Conditions were all time. It’s also a rare time of the year where California is actually more green than brown. It’s a sight to see.

California is where Derek calls home. We met up and headed to our local stomping ground – “Chutes” as we call it. For a trail stuck in the middle of suburban Orange County, this place has some of the most epic flow sections anywhere on the west coast. Sure, it’s short, but it has its magic. Maybe because it’s the place where we fell in love with the sport. Maybe because it’s home. All I know is, every time I head back for the winter, it’s the same smiles and high-fives all around. One thing is for sure. There’s absolutely nothing better then friends mixed in with a bit of flow. Oh – and inspiring an old friend to pick up his bike again and find the magic that he lost to the rigors of daily life. Welcome back Phong.

As spoiled as I am with what the PNW has to offer, California is still an amazing place to ride. Thanks for the recharge and I’ll heading back again. (as long as it’s not hot).